Does Color Affect the Price of the Car?

Many people think that the color of the car does not affect its price. Buyers are more concerned about reliability, fuel efficiency and the price of individual parts of the car. However, as much as some people do not want to admit it, many of them give great importance to the exterior look and the color of their cars. A lot of them are ready to invest hundreds of dollars more just to get the desired color that they wish.

We all want to make our car seem like a status symbol and make it look the part when you roll out on the road. So some people greatly care if they get a particular model in blue, red, matte black of metallic color. Here are some statistics and research numbers that are related about the color choices among drivers in recent years.


Neutral Colors

The fastest selling cars are the ones with neutral colors. What makes a color neutral? Basically those are all the hues that do not jump out of the crowd and do not seem that much extravagant. Grey, silver, brown, ivory, maroon, black and dark blue are considered to be the basic neutral colors. The research also shows that if you want to sell your used car, these colors are the ones that sell the fastest.

Professionals in the field actually consider that white is also a neutral color and see it as one of the more popular choices. However, those same professionals say that dark blue and maroon should not be considered as neutral colors. In most cases this is considered to be a subjective opinion by the people and it is very hard to get the objective results. But the bottom line is that the thing that makes a color neutral is the fact that it does not stick out in the public.

Controversy Related to “White”

The popularity of vehicles with a white coat has been growing in recent years on a global level. On the streets you are currently bound to see a lot of vehicles sporting a white color coat, but the majority of them are usually small city vehicle or compact cars. The controversy related to the white color cars is related to the fact that a lot of firms and companies use white for their company vehicles. A lot of delivery cars or vans that belong to a certain company use white. This is due to the fact that using the white color makes the painted logo of the firm much noticeable on the car. Also the price a lot cheaper if you need to paint a whole bunch of cars white.

People who want to sell their used vehicles with a white hue are therefore in very strange predicament. The case in Europe is that most buyers are suspicious when buying used white vehicles. In a lot of cases the cars have been imported from other countries where they have been used as delivery cars or service automobiles by certain companies. A lot of buyers are thus suspicious when buying a white car as they assume that the car already has a lot of miles on it and has been battered in various sorts of delivery situations. The skepticism related to imported white vehicles is justified as this trend is used through the world.

But it does not have to be that every used white model car was a service car in the past. A lot of luxury models come in white, such as Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz cars. They offer their priciest and most luxurious models in white, which immediately excludes the fact that they are trying to save on the color choices of their new models.

In fact, there are more service cars being imported in others colors, such as grey, silver or dark blue. But this does not mean that the car is a bad one as there are some cases where a former service car has been used for a number of years without any significant problems related to it.

Some Official Statistics

The latest statistics show some interesting results related to the sales of newly manufactured cars. The research which was conducted for the year 2015 shows that the most of cars were in white, while black takes the number two spot and grey coming in at closer third.

On the global scale, 24% of newly made models that have been sold are in white. A close second is black with a 23% sales rate and grey comes in third with 15%, while the fourth spot is taken by silver which was sold in 14% of the cases. The statistics actually shows that white colors cars have become much more popular in recent years as the sales of them have surpassed black in two recent years. But black still remains a dominant choice in the luxury segment with a whopping 23%.

1954 Lancia Aurelia black
Black color was always popular – 1954 Lancia Aurelia

Recent Trends

According to the choices people made in recent years, there have been some interesting choices made by the buyers. Here is a breakdown devised by individual popular colors which have developed through the years.


Back in 2007, black was the primary color of most buyers, comprising 24% of the made sales. Before that Silver was the most trendy color and it was taken by a storm as more and more people started opting for Black which resulted in such a record high number of sales related to this color. But it was in 2008 already that the sales of White went up by 10% gearing up the market for the results that we have gotten the last year now.


Blue is considered to be a dark horse in the race. If we take into account all the variants that the Blue color comes in and not just the basic one, we are looking at a bestselling record. Blue has been sold in its various forms thoroughly the world in a large number. It is the fastest growing trend that is happening recently one which threatens to take the first spot very soon. Expect that the popularity of Blue to become even greater in the years to come.


Maintenance is perhaps the most difficult thing related to color. You can get a great color choices which looks great when it comes out of the shop, but after a few rides the dust settles and affects the beauty of the car no matter the vividness and beauty of the color before. In this case, white and black are the ones which require high maintenance. Simply saying, even the smallest spec of dirt can easily be distinguished on these colors. White has an advantage in this case as scratches and smudges are less noticeable compared to black. After washing the car it is much easier to clean out the dirt and make it less noticeable on white color cars than black color ones.

But regarding maintenance, grey and metallic silver color cars are the easiest ones to maintain. It is one of the reasons these models have become so popular as they look new for a longer period of time and are much easier to maintain. Many buyers chose their vehicles because of this fact. It makes it a lot easier for them to maintain their cars and thus opt to buy silver or grey.

But the general recurring problem in the market today is that there are many choices available, models brands and custom colors offered. You can rarely predict how well will the color fair and how much you need to maintain it. Due to many variations of colors that are available now, it is very hard to determine how regularly you will need to wash your car in order to keep it as factory made.

Not all White Colors are White

Not all white color variants are the same, which is also the case with many other colors. In order to get a unique color there is a long process. There are many different layers of colors and coatings being made. There are a lot of additions included which all amount to getting the final product. This is all necessary in order to make the color more distinguishable, attractive and sun resistant as well. Also, there is an added final piece to the puzzle which is the protective layer which is painted in the end which makes a lot of difference and is perhaps the most important part of the final color.

The Pricier the car the More Popular the Color

According to our research, buyers who get expensive limousine and SUV cars always carefully chose the color. If the question is “why?” the answers is quite simple. Buyers who wish to spend more money on their car want to get their money’s worth, that is why they are not reluctant to spend more in order to get the color that they really want. In some cases, buyers are ready to spend a small fortune just to get the right type of color that they desire.

But the situation related to used cars is much more different. Buyers who get a used caravan model have the color as the least important thing on their mind. There are some primary mechanical issues that have to be resolved. The most important thing fro buyers in this case is the shape of the engine and the fact if you have to add a 1000 dollars more for shock absorbers, plates, corrosion maintenance, and many other issues that can occur. In that case, color takes the back seat as the least important issue.

Least Popular Color Choices

The analysis of the market also shows that there is a number of colors which are considered to be the least popular ones. Actually, you might see these colors on streets or parking lots and think to yourself, “What were they thinking?” and is an appropriate reaction to some of the “unusual” colors that people chose. Thus, the colors to avoid include pink, yellow, purple and green.

Pink car? No, thank you!

However, this does not mean that the trend will not change in the far future. In fact, some experts claim that the rise of popularity of these colors is going to become greater in the future. Extravagant colors may get to become popular as a lot of drivers would want to exemplify their individuality and seem unique in some sort of a way.

Currently, 70% of the market comprises of white, black, silver and grey models. Some rising trend models include blue, red, brown and sand color which are gaining popularity in recent times. Only 4% of the sold cars have been in green, yellow or other unique colors. Thus we sincerely recommend that you do not do any experimenting for now and keep to the standard color choices.

Repair Costs

Surprisingly, there was not much of a difference in the repair costs of different colors. In fact, many of the people that we have asked do not mind the price that they need to pay of repairing metallic color cars. Although there were a lot of people who had some very bad experience when fixing some problems with demanding color choices, but the bottom line is that people are generally happy with what they need to pay for fixing the problem related to their car color.

Repairing a damaged spot on your car in many cases requires a high level of experts. It takes a lot of adjustments and mixing of colors to get just the right hue to cover the spot. If everything is done right, the damage done is going to be unnoticeable. But the greatest problems arise with older models. If you are trying to repaint a car where the sun has affected the original color, it is hard to find the right hue the cover the damaged spot.

When it comes to imported cars or and used automobiles, there is a lesser percentage of people who are going to take the color choice as an important factor.