About Us

Thank you for your interest in Releasedatesautomobiles.com, a website which deals with the latest news about the car industry. The website is founded by Nebojsa Djukic, an internet entrepreneur from Serbia and his team. The team comprises of talented people, mainly coming from Serbia, who have decided to put our talents and love towards cars to good use. We collect all the latest information about new cars and future models here and present them to people who’re looking for fresh news from the automotive industry.

Releasedatesautomobiles.com provide the information that we see as relevant and use all the latest news and rumors to make our reviews. There are many innovations coming out each day and one has to keep up with the times and trends, so as to know what the cars of tomorrow are going to look like and what are they going to feature.

Through the data that we display you will be able to find out more about the release dates of certain models and also see what the price ranges are, so you can calculate and decide if you have a budget for the given model. Lastly, you can use the site as a great reading experience and use it to your advantage so you stay up to date about latest cars. If you are a car enthusiast like we are, you will understand the relevance of having such a site to your disposal.

Help us grow and contact us by sending us your request. We would like to know what your favorite models are or what cars you would like us to review. We can indulge your wishes and help you understand better how the car functions, what is its best use and also if it can fit in your budget as well. Contact us on our Facebook and Pinterest pages which we have also made available.